Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Opposites Attract

Well, I thought Weston would be my shining star when school started back and I figured I would have a permanent seat at the Principal's office for Kylie--but no! Kylie has been an angel since school has started and has gotten ALL green notes. Definitely a record for her. Weston has gotten all green notes too, however he has brought home 3 F's in the last two days! Nothing like him whatsoever. He is such a smart kid, but something's not clicking for him. I know it's not the teacher--he's had her before. So, I just have to assume that he's just not into school this year.
As for fall baseball, the team is showing signs of life. They won a game this evening! Weston made contact with every ball and although he was thrown out, he was helping to get runners in.
Well, the Ambien is setting in, so I guess it's time to shut the computer and get some shut eye.

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