Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kylie's 8th Birthday Party!

Every year we have to figure out a good time to have Kylie's birthday party because there are about 5 little girls that all have birthdays around the same time...so, I opted for a few weeks early and it worked out great! When Weston had his birthday back in May, he decided to not have a party, but I think he regretted that decision! So, I asked him if he would like to invite a bunch of guy friends over and he loved the idea. Kylie had several little girls show up for her birthday and so we had a TON of kids! It was such a blast, I would love to make it an annual event for the kids....

I had worked on Kylie's cupcakes all day long and was not getting the results I wanted. I was ready to just scrap the whole thing and go with blue cupcakes, but when Ang showed up she told me she wasn't going for that....she knew how hard I had planned the cupcake idea and how much time I had already invested. So, being the sweet gal she is, she built the people on there for me! I just couldn't do it--I was so frustrated at the point I gave up. Gotta love that woman
I can't believe I didn't get a single picture of the huge waterslide...I was running around like a mad woman (but I did manage to jump in the pool a few times)....

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