Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bieber Fever!

I am way behind on my posts...it's been crazy busy the last couple of weeks....so, here's a ton of posts to play catch up!
A couple of weeks ago Me, Kylie, Ang, Lexie, Lacy, and Kerrie and her daughter went to see Justin Bieber. Kylie has been PUMPED about this for months....it was her birthday present from me and Richie. We all carvan-ed down to LR and then walked over to the downtown part and grabbed something to drink and hung out for a bit. Then it was back to the hotel to get ready for the concert (Kylie was soaked--see pics below). When we got to the arena, Kylie and I got some pizza. Well, about halfway through the pizza, we realized it wasn't cooked completely--in fact, it was dough! Well, fast forward 2 hours later, RIGHT before Justin was to come out. Kylie got SO sick and was in the bathroom forever. When she finally made it back to her seat, she curled up and fell asleep. I felt so bad for her--she has been looking forward to this for so long and she missed Justin! But she did enjoy Sean Kingston and the guy that sings Replay showed up and she jammed out to him too.

All of the girls posing with the pig!
The girls giving their best pig imitation!
It was SO hot when we walked over to downtown LR, so the girls decided to cool off. That is Kylie right in the middle of the sprinklers--I told her she could play along the edge of the water and what did she do, went right down the middle!
Me and Kylie--bad pic of me, but she was so cute in the pic!
Kylie and Justin
Kylie--pumped and ready to see Justin!
Anyone that knows Kylie knows that she can dance--and dance she did! It was SO funny!
Justin in the heart swing--the girls went nuts!

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