Monday, August 04, 2008

The Icing on the Cake

I have been given a tremendous blessing and am inheriting a great wedding cake business from a family friend! She has decided to get out of the wedding cake business since her new restaurant has opened and is doing great! So, I get to try out my hands at a cake business! I have my first wedding cake in September and am in the process of establishing a website and creating some business cards. Currently, I am going to call the business "Party Pastries" and will include homemade pies and decorated cookies in the business as well. I am really excited to have a hobby that could earn me a little extra money but more importantly is tons of fun.
I had the pleasure of catering with this lady on Saturday and realized how much I miss catering and would love to do it more often. But having the cake opportunity is more than enough right now. I am still in cake classes and may even repeat a few of them if one of the really good teachers returns soon (she's been on a medical leave). That teacher does wedding cakes professionally and I know she would have some great tips and tricks.
So, here's to the icing on the cake!

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