Thursday, June 21, 2007

Testament of Love

I recently read an article called, “Scenes From a Marriage” in which a lady shares a journal of happy moments that she collected during her second marriage. It was important for her to document these memories because it helped her to stay on course during tough times. I thought it was a testament of love, a representation of commitment, and a document of faith. She writes down small things, however it was in the small things that she found joy. She calls these memories, “The List.” It included moments such as her husband teaching his daughter to change a tire or how when she got mad, her husband would kiss her. It seems that in life it is so much easier to remember the bitter moments while we let the best ones slip our mind. She sums up love perfectly—being appreciated for appreciating her husband. Simple, but true. No one is perfect—but we are still lovable.

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