Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Various Rants

I haven't had a lot of free time lately...can you tell? I certainly don't get to blog near as much as I want to. So, I will try and sum up a few funnies as quick as possible to catch ya up....
First off, I got my grade from my last class. EVEN THOUGH I DID AN ENTIRE EXTRA ASSIGNMENT THAT I REALLY DIDN'T HAVE TO DO HE GAVE ME A B+!!! I am sure it's his way of trying to get even at me for not caring for him, but frankly I didn't really care. I am ready to be done with school!! Hey, as long as I pass, it's good with me! There's no place on my degree that prints my grades--the degree still looks the same! In fact, I am proud of the B+ considering everything I did in the last 8 weeks. So, Harper, I don't really mind the B+, sorry! His only way to even justify the B+ was to give me a 75% on my final paper. Funny how I have gotten A's on every paper I have done in grad school (including his classes). Anyway, as I remember Harper, you were never invited to this blog, so kindly quit reading.

The new job is going well! I love being out and meeting people--so far everyone is very nice. I get to bring people lunch and drinks and have made so many new friends. Best of all, no boss worrying about my personal business or breathing down my neck. In fact, my boss at my old job doesn't even speak to me anymore--too funny. Guess it drives her nuts she can't give me fits about my personal life anymore. Poor baby. She ignores me at our kids' teeball games. I guess she hopes it will bother me? Actually, kind of nice. Sorry.

Tonight is Kylie's graduation from pre-school! I actually get to go--I was afraid I wouldn't because of class, but I am able to skip tonight. She had dance recital the other night. I have attached a picture from it--she was absolutely beautiful! The dance was precious too! My baby is growing up!

Well, enough griping--I sound mean today, so I better wrap it up before I really go off on someone.

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M. Harper said...

The only reason you got the score you indicated, subsequently the grade you indicated, was because you did not follow the guidelines on the syllabus for the final work. Otherwise, you would have gotten a better score and grade. I know you worked hard and did extra work to account for missing, but that doesn't necessarily translate into an A. Still, it doesn't diminish that you are a good student. I know you don't care for me. That's fine, I can take it. I think you have a difficulty separating personal feelings and judgments from the those that you have disagreements. I'll never make personal judgments about you just because you disagree with me. Since it is a blog, not a journal or a party by invitation, I'll check in every once in a while to check on a good student nontheless.