Monday, May 28, 2007

Look Ma, No Hands!

My kids experienced a milestone together this weekend!! They can both ride their bikes without training wheels! You should've seen Kylie's face--she was SO excited! She had the biggest smile on their face as she rode by me! Weston was so happy to learn as well--it's been so hard to have any practice time since we leave on a gravel road, but now that their Dad has a concrete parking lot, they have been able to practice a lot more. I am so glad they both learned--it's neat to experience a milestone with someone else!
Well, as stated earlier, my job is keeping me extra busy. Between work, school, and the kids, I have been stretched to death! But the kids will be done with school soon, so hopefully that will help ease the burden of Weston's homework load. However, in August, they will BOTH be in school!
Kylie graduated from preschool last week--she was hilarious during her performance! She has so much soul and groove in her that during the performance, she looked like she was in a gospel choir! It's awesome to see that much spirit in someone!

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