Monday, May 14, 2007

Neighborly Love

What fun...I have decided that country living is about as dramatic as the my neighbors decided they don't want me to use the road behind my house to get to my house (remember my driveway cuts right through the infamous horse pasture with the even more infamous gates), I politely (ok, with a little bluntness) told the neighbor that he needs to not let himself on to my property and brush hog. Now I know you are thinking I am just shooting myself in the foot, however the guy is 80 plus years old and if I am a liability on their road, then he is DEFINITELY a liability on a big mower on my property. Hey, forgot to mention, the road they don't want me to drive on is a COUNTY ROAD!!! What idiots...but, I will play by their rules. So, I need to get down my driveway--well, Daddy decided to padlock the gate where I can't get on it. UGH! But, I got a copy of the key and went on down the driveway--hey, I am the one who paid $10,000 to build it and the easement for MY driveway is written on the deed to MY land. I am so sick of crap!

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