Friday, September 09, 2011


Last Friday, I had just eaten lunch with Richie and was heading back out of Greenwood when I stopped at Denver/Center St intersection light.  I had just gotten stopped when I looked up in my rear view and see a big truck coming very fast right at me.  I knew he wasn't going to get stopped.  I pushed hard on my brake and braced myself (of course all of what I described happened in about 3 seconds).  The man ran smack into my van and my head ended up hitting my head on the steering wheel. The impact also pushed me into the vehicle in front of me, but luckily she didn't have to much damage.  It was so scary! I haven't been in many accidents and I've never been hit quite that hard before.  I called Richie who had headed back to the office and luckily he wasn't too far and turned right around and was there in about a minute. Then, while the officers were working the scene, a driver wasn't paying attention (probably checking out the wreck/damage) and rear ended the car in front of him in nearly the same spot as my wreck.  His impact caused damage to the 3 cars in front of him.  So, in less than an hour, there were 7 cars in a wreck!
 Now to just deal with all the administrative stuff that comes with having a wreck in a company vehicle.  Even though it wasn't my fault, there is still a lot of paperwork to do--mostly because I carry medicines in the car and they have to be accounted for and I certainly don't want to give out damaged medicine.


Katie said...

Glad your okay and as for the rubber necks, oh no that is stinky that gave for busy day in Greenwood. Hope you okay and your head is okay.

Odd Dad said...

Both my wife and I were in separate severe car wrecks. Luckily we were wearing our seat belts and walked away unharmed.

It is one of the scariest moments I've ever lived through. I hope you're OK. Good luck.